Multi Soul brand
Classical healing secrets, modern scientific health preservation

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About the brand
Following the principle of "following the geography, adhering to the spirit of heaven, preserving the Tao, and upholding the highest human realm of nature", Multi Soul, an urban physique conditioning expert with health and wisdom, is a new star of the brand focusing on physical and mental maintenance. As a typical representative of the seven generation generation, Mr. Cai, the founder of the brand, shows the Taoist culture, inherits the attitude of inheritance and openness, and brings a new inspiration with the modern healthy life concept of Luc, a new human being of Generation Z.
Li Xia Huan Yan Series
Derived from natural energy enrichment
Hydrating, moisturizing, delicate and glossy
Lixia Revival Ice Crystal
Improve redness and protect fragile skin
Lixia Revitalizing essence
Clear skin metabolism
About us
Chongqing Daofan Biotechnology Co., Ltd Following the law of geography, when worshipping heaven, upholding the Tao and following nature are the highest realm of humanity. After 4 years of exploration, research, improvement, and experimentation, our R&D team launched a brand new product in 2023 and landed in the mountainous city of Chongqing in April. Daofan Biotechnology was officially established.
Daofan Biotechnology is a high-tech company dedicated to product research and development, production, and sales. The company has collaborated with several teams around the world to create a "comprehensive, high-quality" health product. Adhering to the concept of "originating from health and born in nature", we are committed to providing everyone with a brand new healthy life experience and embarking on a full chain home health healing journey without leaving home.
r&d team
Adhering to safety, focusing on quality
Mr. Wu general manager
Having a high level of aesthetic appreciation and design courage, the ability to plan annual product design, and the ability to lead ...
Miss Li design manager
Familiar with well-known beauty and skincare design and luxury brand design concepts, with unique understanding and aesthetic taste.
Miss Huang Design Director
Responsible for Product development, and organizing many market visits and surveys every year.
News and information
Real time updates on company activities